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Would you like all of the tools and systems to add 100 students to your school?


Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 2PM Est.

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Thank you so much for your interest in our 100 Students in 6 Weeks Program!

We are starting this program, frankly, for a variety of reasons.

First: Nearly 90% of the schools that contact us don’t qualify
for our High-Level coaching program.

We have some of the top schools in the world that we are coaching presently. We have many, many single schools, right now, that are in the $70,000 a month, $85,000 a month, $100,000 a month, $125,000 a month, $150,000 a month, and even more. Plus, we have about 10 of our schools that we working with that are targeting $2 million a year in the coming months!

What we’ve decided to do is run this program to jumpstart schools by adding 100 new students to YOUR bottom line. This program is PURELY focused on a Grassroots Marketing Program – with all the tools you need to add 100 students QUICK and GAIN momentum from there.

This program is the JUMP START that you need to
RAPIDLY grow (or, regrow your school) in 6 weeks to 90 days.

What is this? It's a blitz! An intensive program that will give you every single tool you’ll need to add 100 new students to your school in a 6-week period. Now, to be fair and honest, some schools will add 100 students in 6 weeks. Other schools within 6 weeks will have all the tools they need to hit that number in maybe 60 days or even 90 days, but in a very short period of time. Some may ask, "What qualifies me to do this?" Well, if you don't know my background, go all the way back to when I opened 5 schools in 18 months, 6 schools in 30 months. The business plan in every one of them was 100 students in the first month, 200 students in the first 90 days, positive cashflow from month 1. And I hit that with every one of those schools.

Since then, I have hit enrollment numbers in single months of up to 486. This has been done by many
clients that I coach hitting high numbers over and over again and we have unlimited proof of this.

See feedback below from Ben Brown who is a relatively new client, (and others.) He got started with us grossing $16,000 a month in his school. Within 5 months, he was grossing $60,000+ per month, and he added 158, new students in that period of time. Over and over and over again with our coaching clients and with our members that we work with, we've hit big enrollment numbers with them.

The term that they've started to use is drinking from a fire hose.

That was coined by one of my clients many years ago about their experience working with me and, it has stuck and been repeated many times. And the image, which is very clear, is creating so much NEW student traffic that it's overwhelming.

   Save My Spot!   

And with our new members, that's what we teach them is how to drink from a fire hose, how to keep it from not being overwhelming in one thing or another.

This six-week program is very inexpensive. It includes six sessions and it is ALL interactive, on Zoom. Any and all questions will be answered, we'll make sure we answer your specific question and give you the step-by-step answer but it's not theoretical how to immediately implement.

I will teach you some principles of marketing that you should know in order to really explode your growth. And if there's an expert in this industry on Sales, Marketing, and Filling Your School… I'm it.

With every session I will focus on an additional system that, once implemented in your school, will explode your NEW student growth. There is always a new system that you can go out and immediately implement.

The focus is going to be predominantly on things that you can do with little or no budget, things that you can and will immediately implement, and that will create a huge flow of new quality students for your school.

It’s six weeks. Six powerful modules. With every module, you'll have an implementation strategy from your new session that you will do immediately.

Frankly, in each one of the modules, each process that I’m going to teach you is capable of enrolling 100 students by itself. However, we're going to teach you a process that I call a Parthenon.

Many different systems that work together create a FLOOD of traffic and, implemented consistently, create a steady flow of new students regardless of season, style, target audience, or location.

I’m going to teach you systems that each, individually, are good for a massive home run. When you combine them all, you can create consistency, you can create a massive flood of new students right away to jumpstart where your school! Within this six-week program, you should have every tool ... not should, you WILL have every tool you need to add a minimum of 100 new students, which should translate to a minimum of $20,000 additional revenue per month (and, most of that will be net profit.)

Now, I know that you may have struggled for years, and when I use numbers like that, it seems
inconceivable. Or, perhaps you used to own a thriving school and “took a hit” and are now regrowing
but slowly and/or painfully. You knew how to grow a good school slowly but, don’t want to wait 5, 10
or more years to regain past glories. This is your chance for that much-needed jumpstart.

Again, we have unlimited proof that I can show you with schools that have gone from small to medium
to large to huge to top half of 1% in the industry through the systems that I teach. And, of course, it's
going to be my team that will be joining me.

So we're going to have Bob Dunne who's been working with martial arts schools, mostly under my
tutelage, for 17 years now. Jeff Smith, who is a former World Kickboxing Champion, but he's also a
World champion at running martial arts schools and coaching martial arts school owners! We're going to have Senior Master Greg Moody who's at one of the top ATA schools and has been coaching ATA schools and martial arts schools under my tutelage and through Rev market and other online sources.

Also, we will have some other special guests. We're going to cover the entirety of community outreach, marketing, host beneficiary. In other words, finding people who already have your clients and working with them, who have your prospective students. We're going to be working with all of the online, both search, organic search, paid search, social media, including Facebook, et cetera. But we're going to be online, community outreach, internal marketing, referral marketing within your school and all of the things that you can do.

And I'm going to share with you what I did repeatedly with my own Mile High Karate schools, what I’ve
implemented for many did startups, and what I’ve used to fill schools that needed a Jump-Start over and over, again.

And I'm going to share with you what's working today in this market right now with the top 1% of schools that we're working with to flood their school. One of them just did 60 enrollments last month implementing the Parthenon Theory. Again, I mentioned another one who added 158 new students in 5 months. But we will show you everything that you need to do to really get your school into the big leagues, to make sure you're making a 6-figure income, and to jump your martial arts school by 100 new students.

Why am I running this Program? At such a ridiculously LOW tuition?

As I mentioned before, most schools who contact me just don’t qualify for our primary elite coaching program. I see this as a guaranteed way to Jumpstart those schools to the point where they can move to our full-coaching/Mastermind program. So, what’s in it for me is growing YOU to qualify to work with my team at the next level and, have the opportunity to help you get into the top 10%, then top 1% to a Six Figure + Net Income and, then multiply that while creating a lifestyle you would have never dreamed possible.

Now to be perfectly honest. I could be working in many other industries, but what keeps me permanently tied to Martial Arts is the incredibly positive impact that we have on our students and on our community. My MISSION is to help credible martial artists grow their student body, improve their student service, and have a dramatic impact on their community. Since the crisis of the last few years, I have doubled down on that effort to have a massive impact on our communities through growing quality martial arts schools and, teaching them how to massively improve the impact that they have on their students and on their community. If we do no more together, than I just give you the tools to flood your school and to continue growing, I’ll be fulfilling that mission.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

In a member meeting, we had just yesterday, one of our newest HUGE success stories shared was that he’d heard about our results for three years before! finally exploring it for himself. Why did he wait? Well in Paul Helsdon’s (Chicago) language (not mine :) ) “ I had heard of what Jan was doing, she told me about the results your clients were getting. Frankly, I thought it was bull-shit. I thought it was just exaggeration and bragging. I don’t want to think about how much I cost myself (he’s now a $90,000.00 a month school) by waiting to check you out for myself.”

Another, Colby Winkler (MN) said just as bluntly: “Honestly, I thought you were an asshole. I’d seen you around the industry for years but friends, who in retrospect were broke and honestly ignorant were badmouthing you. Then one time I ignored you and attended a free webinar. That one idea you gave me added $60,000 net income in December. That was enough for me to check out what you were doing. It’s been a tremendously eye-opening experience.”

Yet another, Tim Sullivan (Houston) said: “I was skeptical. I’m a serious martial artist. Teaching kickboxing and BJJ. I didn’t want to become a McDojo. So I was skeptical. What I found is that he taught me how to have even better students. I found that after working with just about everyone and, thinking that I knew what was going on I knew nothing!” btw. Tim when from $24,000 a month to bursting at the seams and grossing over $90,000.00 a month with no increase in his expenses. ((By the way he did 60 Enrollments for his BJJ school – last month)).



Click the "Save my spot" button below. Pay $997 or divide it by two or three and get registered. We’ll set a time for a walk-through and get you started in our next session.


Set a time to talk and learn more ask any questions, and make a decision


Set a time to talk and learn more ask any questions, and make a decision:

We have kept this very inexpensive and the program includes what we call our Complete Fill-Your- School Program, which in and of itself is an invaluable tool and has been sold for $1,997. It was all recorded live at our high-level member meeting, and it covers the pillars of sales and marketing. There's a section that's a complete two-hour session on grassroots marketing. It covers the sales processes and so forth. So it covers all of the A to Z of marketing, but also of the introductory process, the enrollment process and so forth.

You'll get access to our top-level members through our discussion forum. That's very active, we're all
engaged, no question goes unanswered, and you'll get a variety of perspectives from very high-level schools.

And we will include the 6 sessions, each 60 to 90 minutes, probably 90 minutes. It's every Wednesday for an hour and a half, fully interactive on Zoom. You can ask any question. There's nothing withheld, and you'll get complete systems each time that you can go and implement immediately. Each one of them is good to add 100 net new students.

The 6-week program is guaranteed to have all the tools, strategies, and implementation tactics that
you need to hit 100 or more new students.

I hope you will join us, and it is a proven program over and over and over again. I think you'll find it extremely empowering. Thank you very much.

6 Weeks to 100 Students:
(special program)

6 Live Sessions – 60-90 Minutes Each Wednesday at 12 pm Mountain Time.
(Each session is recorded with replay and transcript available to all participants)
Access to “Member’s Only “ Discussion Forum During Term (which includes our highest-level member schools who will help answer your questions and share their results.)


Get in Front of 100’s. 1,000’s, or even 10,000 or

more potential students and scoop them up!


Create a Literal Flood of Appointments to turn into Introductory Lessons and Students at little or no cost. You may have tried and failed to promote in this way, but I’ll teach you the missing secrets to accomplishing appointments that turn into great students. Our clients have generated as many as 20 enrollments in 4 hours using the structure, operations plan, and script for this incredible system. Your area has a HUGE number of opportunities for you to get in front of 100’s or, perhaps even 10’s of thousands of people in a few hours, a day or a weekend.


We’ve seen in just the last few weeks…. 154 appointments (and, 42 enrollments) from live promotions with movie theaters.   47 appointments (and, 14 enrollments) in 4 hours at a community event, and, I could go on and on.  This has been a huge feeder for over 40 years now for my own schools and has been replicated with my Martial Arts Wealth clients over and over again.  Some of our biggest success stories come from a few well-time “home-runs” with this system. 


The Secret of Multiplying each student. Family & Friends. Word of Mouth.

Most schools create just a “trickle” of students each month from referrals. They give out guest passes, ask their student to bring their friends and try other impotent processes.  


I’ll teach the “insider’s secrets” to creating a flood of referrals. 4 Complete Systems that consistently fill your school with excited friends and converts them quickly and easily into enrolled students.  Also, two great (and very valuable) FREE bonuses both aimed to help you dramatically accelerate your internal growth from referrals.   Also, I’ll include two powerful free bonuses that give you additional tools to accelerate your referrals:   “Ultimate Referral Machine” (sold otherwise for $997) and, the “Ambassador Program” (also, sold otherwise for $997.)


For every child what if you also had Mom and Dad training with them?


This one system will show you how to go from enrolling kids to truly enrolling families.  I’ve personally averaged about half of the kids having mom or dad enroll with them, and often both.   How would your school change if you created a huge flow of adults with no additional effort?   As much as doubling the number of students who enroll (and, pay) for each child.    No amount of “Mother’s day” & “Father’s day” “specials will make much of an impact, but I’ll show you how to convert parents at your first contact and create a great family environment.


Most schools create just a “trickle” of students each month from referrals. They give out guest passes, ask their student to bring their friends, and try other impotent processes.  


For children’s programs, I’ve literally enrolled 1,000’s of students from direct outreach with local elementary schools. With one location as many as 36 in one day, 78 in one month, 486 in 10 months. The way that most “gurus” in our industry completely miss what makes this work. I’ll share with you the missing ingredient.  A step-by-step on how to explode your school by going directly to where your market is. You’ll have “carte blanc” to promote your ongoing program and completely dominate your market.


Targeting adults?


 For years I had VERY productive relationships with 5 of the 10 largest employers in our state.   Free rein to promote to their employees in everything from small live groups, promotions in their newsletters, with a paycheck, and other internal communications to invitations to employee-only events with the ability to run booths, host seminars, and promote in many other ways to the employees. This opens up a huge range of opportunities. I teach you step by step to accomplish access to 100’s or 1,000s at a time with full endorsement.


Oh, and there’s more …… how to get major restaurants and retailers to distribute your materials and promote your school …. All for free.   I’ve had everyone from a $780,000,000 Electronics chain to McDonald's, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Burger King, Chik-Fil-A, and others happily promote my schools.  You’ll learn how.


Guerilla Marketing

54 Things that you can do at minimal expense to be visible everywhere in your community and create a steady and dependable flow of new students every week with little or no labor AND little or no effort.


Suspect - Lead - Introductory - Enrollment


The missing secrets to turning leads whether it’s attendees at a Birthday Party or Buddy day, a lead from a live event, or leads from your Website or, Social Media advertising into real solid paying students.    Even schools or outsourced media agencies that do an otherwise good job of creating leads (people who “raise their hands” that they are interested whether by filling in a form or attending an event) into enrollments.    I’ve seen even $100,000 a month schools WASTE 25%, 50% or more of their leads enrolling ½ or less of the ones that they should.   We’ll teach you insider secrets to closing more enrollments and maximizing everything you do to market your school.


Online Marketing Done RIGHT.

Since I wrote the book on this subject 24 years ago, most in our industry just don’t understand how to effectively use content marketing combined with effective website design to dominate your area and create a FLOOD of seriously interested and highly qualified leads.     And, then turn them quickly into paying students.    We’ll cover the A-Z of search, content marketing, lead capture, lead conversion, and sequential follow-up.

Special Guest:

Tracy Thomas.  

Tracy Lee Thomas is an acclaimed business coach, marketing strategist, and author with a career spanning over three decades. He is the pioneering founder of Rev Marketing, a firm renowned for helping thousands of businesses enhance their online presence and growth trajectories. His business acumen extends to the founding of multiple successful companies, including Local Trust Navigator, Rev Publish, and Form A Strategy, showcasing his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.


Social Media Marketing

Making social media work for you. We’ll hit the A-Z of all of the social media options what’s working right now to drive traffic to the highest levels of martial arts schools.  


What’s working now in the range of new organic and perhaps viral social media ranging from.   Everything from “shorts” and “reels” – new platforms such as Threads and, TikTok to established “titans” such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.


How to make social media advertising turn into students and avoid wasting your time and effort buying traffic, clicks, and too often leads that don’t turn into students.  The A-Z of paid advertising across platforms and what’s working right now for the $1,000,000 schools.


Special Guests:

Kate Gaudet Neff,

Agency Director – Elite Digital Group


Elite Digital Group has booked countless sales appointments for B2C and B2B companies alike by utilizing Facebook and LinkedIn. Our proprietary social appointment system has launched experts, consultants, and service businesses into transformational and sustainable growth. Are you ready for that kind of progress?



Tanner Stolte

Media Buyer

Over the past 8 years, Tanner has helped clients build, run, and scale lead-generation campaigns that grow email lists, feed sales teams, and expand pipelines. 8 times out of 10, he can drop your lead cost or fix your broken ads.




I look forward to working with you!

Stephen Oliver, MBA
9th Degree Black Belt
Founder – Martial Arts Wealth Mastery

P.S. Two Quick Warnings…

First, this may not be for you.

If you are satisfied with where you are, if you want to be a tourist or spectator this isn’t for you. This requires that you step up to be winning and grow your school and improve your operations. Just a warning, I work with “winners” ~ with players, not spectators.

Second, Beware of the “Bozo Explosion”. There’s an explosion of people giving advice to martial arts schools and attempting to be “Gurus.” I’ve helped develop some of the most profitable schools in the world and, have been “In the Trenches” personally for over 40 years. Much of what you’ll hear from these people aren’t things that are really working to create top 10% - $1,000,000.00+ Martial Arts Schools.

This program will 100% be No BS. No fluff. No “Old Systems” that don’t work in today’s world. No theory without real-world proof of results. What’s working for top-performing martial arts schools, right now.


Finally, I’ll share over $3,997 in Free Bonuses to accelerate your results including my “Complete Fill Your School Program”, Ambassador Program, and Ultimate Referral Machine Program.

The Amazing Thing Of Course Is The Speed At Which This System Works. It Is Rather Remarkable That You Can IMMEDIATELY Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Additional Revenue Without Ever Being ‘Salesy.
“All of Grandmaster Oliver’s sales, marketing, and operational mentorship helped us organize a weekend event that generated 107 appointments and over 35 immediate enrollments. We have increased our monthly billables by 15K. Easily worth the price.

Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing school growth system:

  • Instantly Increase Your Monthly Revenue by up to $20,000 Using A Single-Step PROVEN System
  • Effortlessly Enroll 100+ New Students In The Next 30 Days Without Being “Salesy”… And do that month after month
  • The Top Secret Strategy To Getting Referrals On Autopilot WithOUT Having To Ask For Them
  • The Complete System To Crafting Powerful Offers That Bring In New Students Like Clockwork
  • The Key To Massive Social Media Success That Top Martial Arts Schools Are Using To Bring In Hundreds Of New Students Each Month
  • The Single Most Effective Enrollment Process That Has Registered Over 35,000 Kids and Families At A Martial Arts School Just Like Yours
  • The Exact Method To Overcoming Money Objections And Getting Students To Sign Up Regardless Of The Price.
  • That’s just a small sample of what you get when you decide to put this system to work for your school starting now…

Ambassador Program

Referrals are the absolute best source of new members in any martial arts school.

We recommend that you have MULTIPLE referral SYSTEMS in place in your school, to generate a predictable flow of new referrals into your school.

The "Ambassador Program" is one of the "done for you" referral generation programs.

"The Ultimate Referral Machine" Program

A proven successful system to generate a consistent flow of new referrals into your school.

Still Not Convinced?? Really?
Seek this on our various websites, including on my YouTube channel, which is


Stephen Oliver, Jeff Smith, Greg Moody, Bob Dunne

Grand Master, MBA, CEO Martial Arts Wealth

Stephen been the guiding light for the professional revolution in the martial arts industry for more than 25 years, and is now leading the next generation of school owners to levels of professionalism and performance previously thought impossible!

Grand Master,
World Champion

Jeff is World Kickboxing Champion, but he's also a
World champion at running martial arts schools and coaching martial arts school owners!

Sr. Master, Ph.D., Master Instructor

Greg is one of the top ATA schools and has been coaching ATA schools and martial arts schools under my tutelage and through Rev market and other online sources.

Sr. Membership Representative

Bob been working with martial arts schools for 17 years now.

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