Martial Arts Wealth Mastery



In the simplest terms – we are organized the same way a professional martial arts school should be – and the way yours probably is – in a simple progression with powerful outcomes, built around each individual student’s skill, abilities, and desire for excellence.

The “Martial Arts Wealth Mastery” program helps martial arts school owners who are already operating profitable schools, multiply their results with SMART marketing systems, proven successful “operations” systems, world class staff development and management systems, hyper effective sales systems and MUCH, MUCH more!


Although, often we can make BIG Improvements quickly in new Martial Arts Wealth Mastery schools, the reality is that it’s a process not a QUICK FIX.

It’s an educational process where you’ll benefit from a similarly motivated peer group along with a focused and highly skilled teacher.

What differentiates the “Martial Arts Wealth Mastery” program from other programs in general?

Primarily…. it’s NOT about more stuff.

It’s not about filling your mailbox or inbox with more videos, recordings, or stuff to read, and it’s not about a huge amount of content on the website although there’s plenty there to keep you busy if you so choose.

There is a COMPREHENSIVE well designed curriculum designed to help you Master Influence, Marketing, and Leadership.

We’ll walk you through maximizing your revenue per student and the necessary skills to run a high quality, high profit martial arts school. We’ll give you the tools to fill your school with quality students and to keep them for life.

The “Martial Arts Wealth Mastery” program combines several essential elements to make sure move from knowledge to implementation. To make sure you move from support tools to a dynamic and profitable school. We’ll not only train you, but also your staff and associates to be dynamic professionals in the career that you love.

Our Explicit Mission for the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery is to move each and every Martial Arts Wealth Mastery member to success in their profession of teaching martial arts.

Clearly this achievement includes:

– Having an incredibly positive impact on their students.
– Mastering recruiting to insure a constant flow of new students.
– Achieving a personal income in the Top 1% of our Industry.

1. A “Powerful Peer Group” of fellow successful Martial Arts Wealth Mastery members – Who Range from the Top 1% of MMA Schools – to Multi-Million Dollar Multi-School Owner’s – to some of the most successful “Transported After-School Care” operators in the world.


Typically we meet in person face-to-face in various locations on a quarterly basis. These are two-day Master-Mind sessions.

In support of our themes of “Leadership & Abundance” sometimes the location for our sessions are designed for “Wealth and Abundance” perspective.

Held in locations or at events that are “Magnets” for high-income entrepreneurs from a variety of professions and businesses.

Other locations are designed to support our theme of “Leadership.”

Locations that exemplify either the pinnacle of leadership development or, unique business environments that demonstrate leadership in a category (martial arts instruction or, other categories of relevance to our chosen profession) to allow our members to “bench-mark” success or be inspired to new innovation.

On months that we don’t meet face-to-face for two or three days -we meet on either a teleconference or webinar (and, soon by video conference as technology improves.)

On those months we can solve your problems and opportunities as a team – or, feature a PEAK outcome of a Martial Arts Wealth Mastery member or other contributor. Highlighting excellence in marketing, sales effectiveness, or student service in real-time.

These are the "types" of people who are members of the MA Wealth

2. A “Mentor-Coach.” To support your grow and motivate you to new heights.

We all realize that peak achievement requires a teacher to support your growth and motivate our growth and achievement. In the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery process you’ll be personally coached by “Millionaire Maker” Stephen Oliver and have support from our “Super Star” team including World Champion Jeff Smith, Sr. Master Greg Moody, Bob Dunne and the rest of our incredible team. We’ll be reviewing your results in real time.

We’ll be “looking over your shoulder” to point out opportunities and help you clarify your implementation strategies. You’ll keep us up to date on your results and on your challenges and opportunities. Every month we’ll schedule a time to review your results and your gaps in understanding. The Coaching Process is valuable in many ways but, perhaps most important is in having a VERY Knowledgeable coach to pat you on the back when you need it – and, frankly to kick you in the ass when necessary.

It’s also, very valuable for that often missing subtle understanding of how specific universal sales or marketing apply specifically to your school, students, style, or area. It’s often the final implementation

It’s often the missing link in implementation for your specific situation or need.

In these coaching sessions at times they are used as “staff” meetings to clarify implementation for your staff or associates. At other times it may be to solve highly personal and sometimes extremely sensitive and confidential concerns or challenges.

My guess is that you had a sincere and capable teacher. A teacher who mentored you and urged you on to higher performance. Sometimes through a concerned arm around your shoulder or a much needed pat on the back. Other times by an appropriate “kick-in-the-ass.”

That same instructor was able to see the “small details” that made a big difference. Able to point out the small things that would make a massive improvement in your technique and understanding.

I’d also guess that you like me had a peer group of other students who were struggling and striving towards the same goals as you. Some were more advanced and helped you along. Others were behind you and gave you an opportunity to internalize and understand what you had been taught by teaching it to them. Some were competing with you directly helping you rise to a higher level with your skills.

We meet Quarterly for High Level “Master-Mind” meetings where our other Martial Arts Wealth Mastery members provide a POWERFUL Sounding Board and Support Team for your Growth. These meetings will be facilitated by Stephen Oliver.

These range from Behind the Scenes in VERY High Quality Organizations such as Disney – focused on Customer Service or, The United States Military at West Point to behind the scenes at highly performing schools (such as Grand Master Jeff Smith’s school doing 87% of all new enrollments renewing – 90% to the more expensive “Leadership” option or, Amanda and Stephen Christensen’s Mile High Karate location.  Regularly running at $250 to $300 average revenue per student and solidly on track to be a 300 active – $1,000,000.00 a year school with HUGE net.)

You’ll Participate in our Annual “Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing Bootcamp” (conjunction with the August Meeting.) This is the industries most elite “Marketing Bootcamp.”

You’ll participate in our New Member “Quick-Start” Process – Small New member meetings by Video Conference.  These are designed to walk you through each stage of opportunity to dramatically improve your revenue and profits.   These will walk you through Marketing, Sales Processes, Renewal Methods, Tuition Pricing, and more.

We’ll get our Team Together in Small-Group Master-Mind Teleconferences several times per month – on the months that we don’t meet face-to-face.  These are live and interactive.  Ask any questions, share your best results, get new ideas and solve your existing challenges.  If you can’t make these live they are all recorded for your review or for staff training after the events.

We ACTIVELY support a Master-Mind Process with our team members in many ways.  Certainly one in addition to the live meetings, the video meetings, and the small group master-mind teleconferences is our “Secret” Members Only Discussion Forum where all of our team is there to answer questions and all members actively participate to share results or solve ongoing challenges.

You’ll have direct access to Stephen Oliver and our Support Team each month.. You’re encouraged to keep us up-to-date on your “stats,” projects, and questions on an ongoing basis.  He’s available in the discussion group, leads most (usually all) Quick-Start meetings, master-mind teleconferences, and Master-Mind meetings.

Complete Member Walk-Through and of Systems and Member Resources with Member Services and Support Director – Bob Dunne.  

We Start with a THOROUGH School Evaluation.

Each new Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Member will be asked to send a “BOX” of information for a thorough analysis and initial development  plan to locate Missing Opportunities and Hidden Opportunities for BIG Revenue Growth. We’ll work together to go through all of your current systems and simplify and enhance your operation starting from day 1.


helping you- martial arts wealth mastery

Who is Stephen Oliver and Why Should I Listen To Him???

Gee – in our industry it seems like everyone has popped up to offer advice how do you tell fact from fantasy? Value from Fraud?

Unfortunately in our industry most of the really successful people are spending their time growing their staff, students, schools, and especially their net profit not sharing their secrets with you. I am different from most of those sharing information in a variety of VERY important ways that are important to you and will help you dramatically grow your school – and, your income.

Many of the “gurus” in our industry fall into one of the following categories:

1. Never been there – never done that.

That’s right – there’s a BUNCH of people trying to sell you advice who have never sat where you sit – and, dealt with the problems and opportunities that you face every day. They often are excellent speakers – and, persuasive purveyors of their own products, programs, or subscriptions but really never did it themselves. Their ideas are unproven. Their perspective limited to that of an outsider.

How am I different?
Well – I opened my first school in 1975. And, have been continuously operating my Mile High Karate schools in Denver since 1983. Mile High Karate currently has successful locations throughout North America. I’ve operated a large school operation – have taught 1000’s and run every aspect of a school. And, can teach you step by step, item by item how to replicate my success – without the “brain damage!”

2. Not even a martial artist!

Believe it or not – there are “experts” in the martial arts business who aren’t even martial artists. They don’t understand the training, mindset, and love for the martial arts that we share – then dare to tell real martial artists how to run a school teaching real martial arts skills and curriculum.

How am I different?
I began studying martial arts in 1969. Trained in Tae Kwon Do with the Jhoon Rhee Institute along side the likes of World Champions Jeff Smith, John Chung, Charlie Lee, and the most awesome stable of kickboxers ever assembled. More recently I was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt by Jeff Smith. Mile High Karate includes some of the top martial artists in the World from former World Champion Jeff Smith to the top people in the “Parker Kenpo” lineage, the top instructors in Kung Fu, Traditional Karate, Tae Kwon Do and, event Thai Kick-Boxing & BJJ.

3. Only run a school in their memory.

Some of those who consult or run organizations or even “fake franchises” only run a martial arts school in their memory – in some case distant memory. Some of those recollections seem more like a distant dream (or, in some cases vivid nightmare!) Many of these people operated in very different circumstances and times.

How am I different.

I am still totally immersed in the daily operations of martial arts schools – up to doing 527 enrollment conferences in the past 3 years personally – nose to nose, belly to belly. Every Friday I meet (by phone & webinar) with our Regional Developers from around the world. Every Wednesday I meet with our school owners, school managers and instructors – and, solve the everyday problems that you face in the real world (albeit at possibly a higher volume.)

4. Never ran a successful school.

Even those advise givers who really are Black Belts – and, run or have run schools – usually never ran a particularly successful operation. Many got into offering advice about running a school or, put together an organization (license, association or other fake – often illegal – franchise) since they really couldn’t figure out how to make much of a living running a school or schools of their own.

How am I different?

Right now – several Mile High Karate schools will do over $500,000.00 in gross revenues (in some cases much more) we will add many more locations with owner-operators like you, and with regional developers who develop multiple schools in their protected region. I broke the $1,000,000.00 a year barrier – way back in 1985 – and continue to operate a hugely successful operation. I’ve made a six figure + personal income for over 26 years strictly from schools.

5. “Flash in the Pan”

Often this comes in the guise of – gee I just started figuring this stuff out and had a great year last year. What if you pay me to tell you about my short-term successes. I did $ (pick a number $100,000 net, $400,000 gross, etc., etc.) will do more this year – and, would love to show you how I did it.

How I am different?

Well – I’ve already covered this for you – but, let’s just say that there are many people who have a good year of two. Let’s see if they can weather the ups and downs of our industry – and, boom years and recession.

6. Personality driven – not duplicatable.

I think we’d both be able to draw upon a few examples of Magnetic Personalities – who’s personal success is exciting – but, really not something that could EVER be replicated in your operation.

How am I different?

I’ve run a large school operation since 1983. In that time nearly 100% of our teaching, marketing, and sales were accomplished by employees (or, now franchise school owner/operators) who had to implement my systems. They are not dependent upon charisma or unstoppable energy. I have spent years studying operations and marketing – including formally achieving a Master’s in Business Administration – that included having a literal bevy of MBA’s and Ph.D.’s analyze the martial arts school business – to help me create powerful duplicatable systems for school operations.

7. Have lost touch with what works in the 21st century.

Unfortunately the industry is full of dinosaurs and leaders of the past – who’s time has long since passed, but who’s friends and associates are unwilling to say “the emperor has no clothes.” Systems that may have been revolutionary in 1970 or 1980 (even 1990 and beyond) may be out of date or just plain insufficient in the current environment.

How am I different?

In a variety of ways I continue to explore the “leading edge” of new technologies, teaching techniques, marketing strategies, and technological enhancements. I explore the latest approaches not only through my own school implementation but through an unmatched “master-mind” team of industry leaders that I network with and share ideas with constantly. The latest strategies and tools are immediately available to all of our franchisees.

A Little Background:

Maybe I was just born under a lucky star – but when it comes to running a professional martial arts school I was born with the proverbial “Silver Spoon.”

My training started in 1969 in the Texas/Oklahoma “Blood & Guts” era. I was with the at Jhoon Rhee Institute Branch in Tulsa, OK in the Jhoon Rhee, Allen Steen, Pat Burleson linage being directly taught at when I started by Jhoon Rhee Black Belts Gran & Greg Moulder, Bob Olinghouse, and David Harrelson.

I started my first school (under Jhoon Rhee) in 1974 and, concurrently trained with Jeff Smith along with Roger Green (Joe Lewis’ first Black Belt), and a variety of others in Oklahoma and Texas.

In 1978 I received by Black Belt directly from Jhoon Rhee along with Jeff Smith and a wide collection of champion Kickboxers and forms competitors. I was offered a teaching position in Washington. I was a National Merit Scholar and A student and already was accepted for college at the University of Tulsa with a full scholarship for the first year and partial scholarship beyond the first year. I attended school there while applying for transfer to Princeton, Stanford, and Wharton along with Georgetown University.
While attended college at Georgetown University I was a head instructor and branch manager for The Jhoon Rhee Institute, in Washington, D.C.

At the time the Jhoon Rhee Institute was the #1 martial arts business organization in the world. I sat through hours and hours of training sessions and meetings with a few notable figures in the martial arts industry: Jhoon Rhee (father of American Tae Kwon Do,) Nick Cokinos (Then President of the Jhoon Rhee Institute, now chairman and owner of Educational Funding Company,) Jeff Smith (the DC Bomber – first World Light Heavy Weight Kickboxing Champion and one of the top school owner’s in the United States,) Ned Muffley (then General Manager for the Jhoon Rhee Institute and now General Manager for Educational Funding Company) and many other’s.

When I graduated from Georgetown – I decided against moving on to big corporate America – and, put pursuing an MBA on hold.

I put together a very extensive business plan with Jhoon Rhee, Nick Cokinos, Jeff Smith and Ned Muffley’s help. Spent 12 months studying direct response, business management, and sales marketing at the Library of Congress and the SBA. Read everything that I could get my hands on about advertising – specifically direct mail and copywriting. I also spend several months at the Federal Trade Commission where I had an opportunity to read the sales manuals and management training materials for every major health spa chain in the United States and the other larger martial arts school organizations.

In a rather gutsy move I then moved across the country to Denver, Colorado and with $10,000 opened 5 schools in 18 months – and grew to over 1,500 active students and over a $1,000,000 in revenue by 1985.

Over the year’s I’ve continued to develop my schools and experiment with a huge number approaches.

In 1989 I decided to extend my management knowledge base and went back to school for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (ie. MBA) with a primary focus marketing.

At the same time I began promoting the Mile High Karate Classic – which for 10 years was a very successful and highly rated NASKA world tour event.

During these many year’s I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with just about every successful business person, teacher, and school owner in the martial arts industry. I’m lucky to count as close friends a range of leaders including Nick Cokinos, Jhoon Rhee, Jeff Smith, Andrew Wood, Tim and Dave Kovar, Steve LaVallee, Keith Hafner and just about everyone who’s accomplished anything in our industry.

These industry leader’s have taught me much – and, I believe often consider me a mentor and leader in the business of martial arts school operations.

During these years I’ve had many huge successes – and, some spectacular failures. As in all endeavors – the failures have taught me much more than the successes. What I consider by greatest strength is a willingness to continue to take risks and try new approaches to all of the challenges of school operation.

In the recent past – I decided to pursue what I think of as an informal Ph.D. in Internet and Direct Response Marketing. I’ve traveled around North America – and spent way over $250,000 on a variety of internet marketing, direct marketing, and sales training seminars and programs – and, have developed several internet companies – many totally unrelated to martial arts.

I continue to run a chain of schools that’s spread out from Washington, D.C. where we have a national training center, to Denver to Fresno and Miami along with New Zealand and Australia.

I’ve written a series of books on Marketing and Management for Martial Arts Schools and a series on Character Development and Leadership for kids and lecture around the world on School operations – and, continue to expand my knowledge of all details or running a successful martial arts business.


Former World Champion and Multi-School Millionaire
Grand-master Jeff Smith

A World Champion Competitor AND LONG TIME
Martial Arts School Millionaire

Grandmaster Jeff Smith, a 9th Degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do, has devoted over 40 years to the martial arts. He currently has two karate centers in Northern Virginia and travels worldwide officiating at tournaments, teaching and conducting seminars. He is one of the most successful examples of translating the same core beleifs, behaviors and habits it takes to become a world class competitor into the martial arts school business.

He is perhaps best known as the seven-time “World Light Heavy Weight Karate Champion.” His title defense against Don King’s heavy weight fighter Kareem Allah was seen by over fifty million viewers as a preview before the Ali vs. Frazier World Boxing Title Fight, known as the “Thrilla in Manila.”

He was coach of the World Champion United States Karate Team and the Junior National Team. He is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, the first recipient of the Bruce Lee Award (selected by Mrs. Bruce Lee and Karate Magazine) and listed in the Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Jeff is one of karate’s legends along with Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace.

Amazing video about Grand Master Jeff Smith – Biography

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_remove_logo=”Y” youtube_force_hd=”hd720″ width=”753″ height=”480″ align=”center” margin_top=”10″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS91eHBmTGFYVzBxVQ==[/video_player]

Career Highlights

Grand-master Smith has made appearances on ABC’s “Wide World of Entertainment,” “The Champions” TV series, Showtime, ESPN and


Pay-Per-View events. He co-starred in a martial arts movie in Korea. He has been on the cover of every major martial arts publication and was selected by Washingtonian Magazine as one of Washington’s top athletes.

Jeff “The DC Bomber” Smith was a World Kickboxing Champion and the first recipient of the Bruce Lee Award for “fighter of the year.” (Selected by Mrs. Bruce Lee and Karate Magazine) He was from Kingsville Texas where he started his training in Taekwondo at the Texas A & I University TKD club in 1965. He got his Black Belt September of 1969.

Jhoon Rhee would come every 3 months to Texas and teach and test at several college clubs that he had started while at the University. After Smith got his Black Belt,Rhee invited him to come to Washington D.C. to teach in his schools and train. Smith’s tournament background reads like the other “Red, White & Blue” Superstars in the famous photo with wins such as…

  • 1972, Grand-Champion of the Pan American Championships in Baltimore.
  • 1972, North American Championships in Toronto/Canada, wins the heavyweights title.
  • 1973, Battle of Atlanta defeats Frank Hargrove, John Natividad and Everett Monsterman Eddy in the semi-finals but loses in the finals against Howard Jackson.
  • May, 1973, he defeats Bill Wallace 5-1, Fred Wren 5-1, Darnell Garcia 5-1 and Howard Jackson 6-5 at the US Pro/Am (US Open Championships), in Ocean-City.
  • 1973, Karate Team Championships, the Texas team is composed of Kurban, Butin, Gotcher, Watson and Havanas, and is coached by Allen and Pat Steen Burleston. The Washington DC team, coached by Jhoon Rhee is composed of Gordon Franks, Wayne Booth, Wayne Van Buren, Pat Worlen and Jeff Smith. Smith won his match against Havanas 3-0 and the team of Washington beat Texas 6-4.
  • 1973, Top Ten Nationals he defeats John Natividad, and after James Butin for the heavyweights finals, 4-3.
  • 1973, US Open Professional, Ocean City he defeats Howard Jackson 7-6, in the finals.
  • 1973, wins the title of Grand Champion at the first “Professional Karate Tournament”, for the West Coast team.

  • On May 17th 1974, in Berlin, the first European Championship Professional Karate tournament is held. At the end of the day, fights take place between the Europeans and the Americans. Smith defeated Harald Schrader, 5-0, second in the European middleweights.
  • 1974, he defeated Darnell Garcia, in the Ed Parker’s Internationals Karate Championships, in Long Beach, CA, USA.
  • 1974, he defeated Fred Wren for the middleweight crown, at the Karate Olympics in Houston.

Jeff Smith and President George Bush

During the first battle, Jeff Smith defeated Budimir Vejnovic of Yugoslavia, a resident of Berlin, in the 1st round, with a right hand followed by a kick. Next Smith beats Wally Slocki of Canada, on points. Smith wins the first round and Slocki the second. Finally, Smith wins the third round, as a point is deducted against Slocki, following the instructions given by the referee. That evening, Jeff Smith becomes World Champion of the Middleweights for the PKA. Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace also become Champions of the World, in their respective categories.

On September 14th, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA, the Full Contact World Championships are organized by the new federation, the PKA (Professional Karate Association). Traditional karatekas from the USA and European fighters, are sorted in an unknown manner.

On October 1st, 1975 at the 3rd fight between Pro Boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in Manila, Philippines, Jeff Smith defends his title on points, in 11 rounds, against Karriem Allah of USA, (aka Karriem Abdallah). This event is widely broadcast on television and seen by over fifty million viewers as a preview before the Ali vs Frazier World Boxing Title Fight, known as the“Thrilla in Manila.” Smith wins by a split decision. Allah won the first rounds and Smith taking the later rounds.

In 1979 Dan Macaruso defeated Smith for the title by split decision after 12 rounds. Word has it that Macaruso would never give Smith a rematch. Macaruso went on to defeat Dominique Valera by KO in round 6, Dale Michaud by KO in round 1 and Carl Beamon. From 1982 to 1985, Macaruso fought Pro Boxing and amassed a record of 9-3 with 5 wins by KO.

Jeff Smith and Bruce Jenner

Smith defended his title of World Champion 7 times and when he retired from the sport he amassed a full contact kickboxing record of 21-1 with 7 wins coming by KO. He currently operates a martial arts school in Virginia where he teaches Tae Kwon Do, in which he holds a 9th degree black belt. On April 6, 2007 he was inducted into the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame.

Current Activities

Grandmaster Smith is President of World Champion Jeff Smith Karate, and the Chief Operating Officer for the Mile High Karate franchise organization. His students include children, adults, professionals, sports celebrities and senior citizens.

Jeff Smith and Hans and Franz

He has performed at the White House in the “Kick Drugs Out of Your Life” campaign and again with his students in California for “Drug Abuse is Life Abuse” program. He conducts seminars in public schools for the “Just Say No to Drugs” campaign.

He also performed for Arnold Schwarzenegger on the White House lawn with his students for the Great American Workout and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. In addition, he conducts seminars both nationally and internationally for other karate schools and karate tournaments.

He officiates at major karate tournaments, coaches teams in international competition and has done color commentary for karate events on national television, ESPN and Pay per View events.

He is a key figure in the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery educational system for martial arts school owners to help raise the professional standards in the martial arts industry.

Master Greg Moody


Greg Moody is recognized across the country as one of the nation’s number one martial arts instructors. He was recognized by the American Taekwondo Association (the largest single style martial arts organization in the world) as the Instructor of the Year in 2000. In addition, he was honored with a Special Service award for developing a special curriculum for pre-school age kids. master-moody-photosHis schools have been selected the Nation’s Number One Schools every year from 1999 to 2006 – no school has ever earned that honor more. He also teaches seminars around the nation on instruction, curriculum, marketing and business.
Master Moody’s experience goes far beyond martial arts. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Arizona State University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from ASU’s Education college and has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in special ed. and psychology.

He left a very successful career in engineering in 1995 because he wanted to spend his energies developing people. He felt that while engineering and developing technology is an important way to make a contribution to the world, the better way for him would be to help people directly, not through technology.His research showed that martial arts does indeed reduce bullying in kids and further research indicated a link between martial arts training and improved self-esteem in kids. All research prior to this was only survey or case study work – this was the first controlled academic experiment ever done. He is dedicating future research activity to the links between martial arts and their benefits for kids.

He has helped martial arts schools all over the nation. Many schools have doubled or tripled their business success due to coaching and working with Sr. Master Moody. This is not just due to business advice, but because of the complete attention to all aspects of running a martial arts academy. He feels everything done in a martial arts school must be with extreme student service… w ith benefits to the students first in mind. Success in business and in life starts with integrity.

Sr. Master Moody has trained world and state champions… His schools have developed numerous world and national champions and hundreds of state champions in Arizona.

Starting martial arts in 1989, he earned his first degree black belt in only 20 months and his seventh degree black belt in 2012 and the title of Senior Master Instructor in 2013. He is a certified instructor in all primary weapons system, including single, double weapons, 2 styles of long staff, three sectional staff, cane, Ssahng Nat (Kama) and more. He also holds certifications in Joint Locks, Knife Defense, Pressure Point Control Tactics, Tai Chi, Ground Fighting, Olympic Sparring, Compliance/Defense/Takedown (CDT), Last Resort Tactics (LRT), Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention (SHARP), and Keysi Fighting Method (KFM). He is also an Olweus Bullying Prevention Certified Trainer.



Lee Milteer
Performance Coach, Author & Speaker


lee-milteerLee Milteer is a Performance and Productivity Coach, Author, Professional Speaker, and TV Personality. She is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® and Untamed Success Coaching programs. Lee hosts the America’s Premier Experts TV Show, which is aired on NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox Affiliates. Lee also hosts Untamed Success: Positive TV, a Monthly Web-Based TV Show. Lee speaks all over North America and Europe in Conventions, Private Companies, and Entrepreneurial and Niche Market Events. As president of Lee Milteer, Inc., Career Development Strategists, she has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. Her presentations are so effective that organizations such as Walt Disney, AT&T, XEROX, IBM, Ford Motor Co., NASA, Federal Express, 3M, Sales & Marketing Executive International, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions, associations meetings, and Niche Market Events repeatedly retain her to inspire and motivate their audiences with up-to-date wisdom.In her career, Lee Milteer has shared the platform with many well-known and famous personalities, such as: Dr. Phil, Gene Simmons from KISS, George Ross (Donald Trump’s Chief negotiator who appeared on the TV show The Apprentice), the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale , the late Og Mandino, Dan Kennedy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen from the Chicken Soup book fame, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Ted Koppel, Lynn Redgrave, Marlo Thomas, Bill Glazer, Robert Cialdini, T. Harv Eker, Mike Ditka, Les Brown, Wally “Famous” Amos,Ivanka Trump, George Foreman, and Joan Rivers, to mention a few.Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her video seminars are distributed through the Mind Extension Universe (MEU) Network, reaching 350 of the top FORTUNE 500 companies and major universities. She has developed training films for Bell Telephone, the U.S. Navy, Dun & Bradstreet, the U.S. Air Force and many private companies, as well as hosting infomercials and TV commercials.Lee is a recognized, best-selling audio and video author, whose products have been endorsed by Nightingale Conant, SyberVision, and CareerTrack. Lee’s book, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling is published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company. She is the Author of the book Success Is An Inside Job and, CO-Author of Walking with the Wise for Entrepreneurs, Reach Your Career Dreams, The Secrets of Peak Performers One and Two, The Phenomenon: Achieve More in the Next 12 Months than the Previous 12 Years, Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets, and Walking with The Wise Overcoming Obstacles.

Lee is a regular guest on National TV and radio shows. Lee hosted and produced her own cable television show, “LifeStyles” and had her own advice segment on Canada’s #1 rated daytime talk show, “The Dini Petty Show.” In addition, Lee has been an expert guest on more than 700 TV and Radio shows throughout North America in her career.

Lee’s background includes extensive experience in Sales & Marketing and commercial real estate. She was the owner and President of an electronics equipment sales and leasing company. Lee also traveled all over the world as a professional photographer. In addition, she was a Rock & Roll Disc Jockey on WNOR-FM in Norfolk, Va and a National Catalog Model. Lee has been interviewed in newspapers, magazines and trade journals all over the world, including U.S.A. TODAY, Wall Street Journal, and many magazines.

In recognition of her achievements, Lee received a Honorary Doctorate in Motivational Theory from Commonwealth College. She attained top honors as “Highest Rated Speaker”, presenting public seminars in over 100 cities annually while with CareerTrack, North America’s premier seminar and training company. She was awarded the “Rising Star Award” by General Cassette Corporation, named “Most Outstanding Young Woman” by the Jaycees and “Most Professional Woman in Hampton Roads.” She also received the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners for the Southeastern Chapter, and The Best of Virginia Beach in Training and Services. Lee’s latest awards are:The Inside Business Women in Business Award, and the Inside Business & Regent University Entrepreneurial Excellence Award.

Lee is not only a successful business woman she is also a talented artist, writer, photographer and painter who has shown and sold her work in galleries and art shows.

Lee lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean on the beach with her dog “Angel” Cat “Midnight” and her husband Clifton Williams . Her hobbies are painting, photography, reading, walking on the beach and traveling. Her favorite charities are the SPCA and animal rescue organizations. She owns her own office building where her Publishing Company Lee Milteer Publishing office is located in VA Beach, Virginia.

LEE MILTEER GIVES BACK: Lee has worked with SPCA, Horse Rescue organizations, WVEC , WTKR, WHRO AND WAVY TV stations as on air personality for charities such as Easter Seals, and many charity Organizations. Lee has donated time to the NSA chapters of VA for Speakers, spoken for free for many nonprofit organizations to help them raise funds for their projects.


3. The high-level “curriculum” designed for schools that can and will understand and appreciate a more sophisticated and ultimately more profitable approach.

Whether it’s sales and persuasion at the highest level targeted specifically at our industry or the most sophisticated (AND, INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE) Marketing Secrets on the planet you’ll be on the leading edge (and, sometimes “bleeding edge”) of effective marketing trends.


Now, I know how you may feel.

You are inundated with “Stuff.” There’s a cacophony of voices telling you what to do in our industry. You may be getting emails, YouTube videos, magazines, and a bunch of stuff from from various gurus’s and support organizations..

You don’t have time for “More Stuff” and, certainly don’t need more DVD’s, CD’s or 50 more pages to read this week.

But, That’s not what Martial Arts Wealth Mastery is all about.

What you need is more new students. Ways to keep students longer. And systems to attract and keep more loyal students. And, of course you need more revenue but more importantly more net profit.

The best way to understand Martial Arts Wealth Mastery is to look back in your own training in Martial Arts.

Now, I don’t know but I bet you weren’t “self-taught.” You didn’t get to where you are not in your martial arts training by reading Black Belt Magazine, by watching some DVD’s or a stack of VHS tapes and training in your basement.

As and Example, Here is a Small Sampling of
Recent Master Mind Sessions

Mastering the Art of Outstanding Customer Service with the Walt Disney Company


Bench-marking Excellence in High Level Education at the Harvard School of Business

Mastering the Art and Science of Leadership at the US Military Academy at West Point

Management and Systems Mastery at the Hotel Del Coronado


It’s essential to have someone to challenge you, and keep you from becoming complacent.

At Every Step of the Way you have a POWERFUL Support Team – working with you to grow your school.



1. A Proven Willingness to “Empty your Cup” and Implement Proven Success Systems.

2. A willingness to share cooperatively with other Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Members to help them grow and develop, and a deep commitment to the confidentiality of any and all proprietary and/or sensitive information you’ll be entrusted with.

3. Honesty and Personal Integrity.

4. A proven sincerity in promoting martial arts and developing students to their highest potential.

5. A willingness to “get out of bed in the morning and, get to work.” Ultimately none of this works if you aren’t willing to IMPLEMENT Aggressively.

Finally, to be Frank….. we have a “no-assholes” rule.

It’s essential that each member enhance the experience of their peers and frankly that they be a “joy to work with.” We will only accept members that our Executive team can be excited to help grow and can feel proud of their results.

Clearly the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery team is only open to school owners personally making a top 5% or Better Personal Income and, who are running a Truly Excellent School. It’s only open to schools that are capable of sharing equally and supporting the growth of all of our Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Members.

Martial Arts Wealth Mastery members are often $1,000,000.00+ a year schools, Strong Multi-Unit School Owners and, often are accepted at $500,000.00 or more a year with a mission to radically improve their personal lifestyle, while continuing to increase their personal income. This is the team that comprises the primary “Role-Models” for our lower level members and who work closely with Stephen Oliver personally to dramatically support and grow the martial arts profession as a whole.

Ultimately how should you decide if this is “For You?”

If you are a “Growth Oriented” school or multi-school owner who’s ready for the next “big leap” in financial results – improved staff results – and, enhanced life-style this is your accelerated path to those results.

Ultimately we’ll evaluate to make sure that you are capable of AT LEAST a 10 to 1 return on your time and money invested. “Behind the scenes” we’re looking for “BIG SUCCESS STORIES” – for participants likely to grow dramatically through our process and support.

By the way….. before our next call PLEASE Make sure that you’ve done your research.

We’ll be making a decision next time whether this is the best path forward for you….. If you need your wife or husband to be involved in your decision making – or, if you have active or passive business partner’s then PLEASE include them on our next call and get them up to speed with this information and all of the support materials that we’ve already shared with you.



Professor Eric Williams – Martial Arts Wealth Mastery Member

$1,200,000.00/year MMA/BJJ School

Hi. I’m Eric Williams, Hai and I are partners with Elite MMA in Houston and we have about 650 students at our main location and 200 at our second location and I want to invite you guys to come to Mastermind weekend. I really thought I didn’t have enough time to be here this weekend and what I really got was that it was invaluable that I was here this weekend because I took the time out to work on the business instead of in the business. So, I just want to invite you guys to join our group. We’re sharing together. I gained a lot from all of the other members this weekend and I want to invite you guys to join us. I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much.



….from $16,000/month to $55,000/month and still climbing!

“Hi. My name is John Cantu. I’m an instructor out of Houston, Texas. Just outside of Houston, Texas, I have a school named Southeast Texas Martial Arts. For the first nine months, I really just kind of relied on the program, but as soon as I settled on the program, the first three months just took off. It has created a totally different environment for me and my staff. We’ve now become a professional school. Our monthly was probably around the 16,000 to 18,000. Now, we’re about $50,000.00, $55,000.00 and we’re still climbing. The student value or should I say the student quality has increased. Before, we were just down to like 18,000 a month. We were charging about $75 a month. We had a lot of problems with angry parents. Now, we really have high quality students. Being with Master Oliver and being surrounded with so professional individuals that are heading the same direction, it’s not hard to actually just move forward. Basically, just do what they say. They coach all the way through the teleconferences and everything. It’s just been more than wonderful. My staff has now — has more vision of what we’re going through now and we are looking to expand and all this is basically ’cause of Master Oliver’s program.”

Master John Cantu South East Texas Martial Arts
Houston, TX

…..from $19,000 to $47,000.00 in 9 months..

“My name is Duane Brumitt. I own Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy in Bradley, Illinois, about 60 miles south of Chicago, and I’ve been a coaching client of Master Oliver’s for about nine months now. And what was kind of funny was I went to the regional boot camp earlier this year and learned a whole bunch of material, and unfortunately, I’m the type of individual that wants to have everything in place prior to actually implementing it. And being on the coaching calls with Master Oliver, he definitely helped me to take that leap of faith and to, you know, just to go for it. And the very first month that I actually put into the practice the things that he was teaching me, my normal gross was about 19,000 on those months, and that June, that month that I actually implemented everything, I did 47,000 that month, and so the investment is peanuts compared to the money that you’re going to make and the things that he’s going to teach you. And so, it’s absolutely and really worth it, and you’d be stupid not to do it in my opinion.

Duane Brumit – Tri-Star Martial Arts – Bradley, IL

My School’s Gross Income Increased by 300% and My Net Income by 1,000% in Just Twenty-Four Months

As a result of the management improvements we made at our school, our average monthly income has grown from $25,000 to approximately $75,000. I pay my staff double the industry norms and give each full-time employee great benefits, including health insurance, vacations and IRA contributions – and, in turn, they do a great job. The monthly net income after salaries now averages between $10,000 and $20,000. I could buy many Rolexes or a handsome Porsche with that income, but I’ve already have some things that I personally find much more valuable: Tremendous students making great progress in their training; a more relaxed lifestyle that allows me to focus more on my training and less on bill collectors; and the security and peace of mind that comes from owning a well-managed school that is profitable and self-sufficient.
With the help of Martial Arts Wealth Mastery, Stephen Oliver and the other experts he has introduced to me, I am now richer than ever.



……significant value of being a member of the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery is the masterminding…..

A significant value of being a member is the masterminding. I’ve been writing so much and I am so enthusiastic about developing new programming. One of the exciting things for me is that, at this stage, I’m the most successful school in the area, so it’s great to talk to school owners of similar size and success as well as those who are ahead of me. Now, when I create something new, I’m not creating it from thin air; I can actually model it on another member who has a similar program in place that’s working better than what I’m doing at my school. The result is that my school is on track for a really big month, and I think much of that has to do with being a member of the Martial Arts Wealth Mastery.

Jonathan Metcalf – Integrity Martial Arts, Enfield CT

Shihan Mike Pace

9th Degree Black Belt – Goshin Ryu Karate

Hi. My name is Mike Pace. I’ve been in martial arts for many, many years. I have my own school for well over 20 years and about two and a half years ago. I can tell you that during this period of time, my school has never been stronger. My retention has never been better and my grosses have grown consistently. Stephen Oliver and Toby Milroy are probably the two finest minds in the martial arts business. If you want to make changes to your business, you want to improve, you want to grow, this is absolutely essential. I can’t recommend it more.

Master Dave Inman

Hear What Other Successful Members Are Saying About This Program!

Now, I Know What You Might Be Thinking!

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “All this sound great, but how do I really know that your systems and tools will work in MY school, in MY area, and with MY students”? Well…that’s the best part! You don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, see for yourself the types of result we’re getting for our members from ALL OVER THE GLOBE, in small towns and big cities, in soft styles and hard styles, with NO STAFF or many, virtually EVERY type of school in virtually every type of demographic will benefit from this program!

Here is what honest, hard working school owners just like you have to say about our program.

When THIS MANY School Owners Agree on something… KNOW it’s got to be good!

David ShirleyMaster David Shirley 8th Degree Black Belt Villari’s Martial Arts Centers Added $250,000.00 to school revenue in 12 months …….! Dear Master Oliver, A quick note of thanks for another excellent Boot Camp. You provided the most impressive representation of Martial Arts success I have ever seen in one place. I counted eight individuals who represented more than 60 locations. I toyed with trying to estimate their collective net worth but clearly each one of them had easily exceeded the million dollar mark. I originally attended your Boot Camp because you are one of the rare individuals who has experienced the fortunes and pitfalls of being a multiple school operator. Now, thanks to this year’s Boot Camp I was privileged in hearing, meeting, and conversing with many more. Thanks again for a truly invaluable experience.

[divider style=”6″] John CantuMaster John Cantu South East Texas Martial Arts Houston, TX ….from $16,000/month to $55,000/month and still climbing! “Hi. My name is John Cantu. I’m an instructor out of Houston, Texas. Just outside of Houston, Texas, I have a school named Southeast Texas Martial Arts. For the first nine months, I really just kind of relied on the program, but as soon as I settled on the program, the first three months just took off. It has created a totally different environment for me and my staff. We’ve now become a professional school. Our monthly was probably around the 16,000 to 18,000. Now, we’re about $50,000.00, $55,000.00 and we’re still climbing. The student value or should I say the student quality has increased. Before, we were just down to like 18,000 a month. We were charging about $75 a month. We had a lot of problems with angry parents. Now, we really have high quality students. Being with Master Oliver and being surrounded with so professional individuals that are heading the same direction, it’s not hard to actually just move forward. Basically, just do what they say. They coach all the way through the teleconferences and everything. It’s just been more than wonderful. My staff has now — has more vision of what we’re going through now and we are looking to expand and all this is basically ’cause of Master Oliver’s program.” [divider style=”6″] Duane BrumitDuane Brumit – Tri-Star Martial Arts – Bradley, IL ….from $19,000 to $47,000.00 in 9 months.. “My name is Duane Brumitt. I own Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy in Bradley, Illinois, about 60 miles south of Chicago, and I’ve been a coaching client of Master Oliver’s for about nine months now. And what was kind of funny was I went to the regional boot camp earlier this year and learned a whole bunch of material, and unfortunately, I’m the type of individual that wants to have everything in place prior to actually implementing it. And being on the coaching calls with Master Oliver, he definitely helped me to take that leap of faith and to, you know, just to go for it. And the very first month that I actually put into the practice the things that he was teaching me, my normal gross was about 19,000 on those months, and that June, that month that I actually implemented everything, I did 47,000 that month, and so the investment is peanuts compared to the money that you’re going to make and the things that he’s going to teach you. And so, it’s absolutely and really worth it, and you’d be stupid not to do it in my opinion.” [divider style=”6″] Terry BrumleyTerry W. Brumley President Taekwondo University Added $180,000 to his school’s revenue in 12 months… “Master Oliver, I want to share with you a few thoughts regarding the Extraordinary Marketing Bootcamp last week. As I told you, last year I was literally blown away with the tried-and-true information you shared with us to increase our student base, our gross, our net and our market share. Because of last years Bootcamp, my company had a major jump in quality, gross and net from last year. This year’s Bootcamp was even better. I loved the way you brought in THE MASTERS of this industry so they could share their wisdom and understanding of the industry. I also appreciated your insight in splitting the groups into Marketing and Management. So the strong schools could get stronger and the owners who wanted to have multiple schools could learn from those who have 10 to 20 successful schools. Brilliant. Also I wanted to thank you for inviting me to your Black Belt Extravaganza in December. That gave me a completely different view of you. The only Master Oliver I knew was the one that was extraordinary in Marketing. The Black Belt Extravaganza showed me a completely different Master Oliver. One who was truly interested in his students, his Black Belts and their success as Martial Artists. Not only do you give out great business information that has high levels of success, you are the “real deal” with your students. That’s important to me, because I am in the classroom with my students as well, and I want to learn from those who can relate to me. This industry has grown so slow and has been fragmented for so long. I believe it is because most Black Belts in Martial Arts are White Belts in business. I am glad you are sharing this information with those who really want to advance their Martial Arts business. Ever since I returned, I have spoken to several school owners who want the low down on what the seminar was about. Are you offering the full seminar on audio and/or video format? If so, should they call you or can they purchase it from your website? I also want to purchase a set. My staff will greatly benefit. Yours sincerely,” Terry W. Brumley – President Taekwondo University [divider style=”6″]Art MasonMaster Art Mason Founder: The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute 6th Dan Black Belt Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido “Don’t sign up for this program unless you’re ready to achieve phenomenal success!” “WOW, what is Master Stephen Oliver’s Mastermind & Coaching program worth? Well with ideas and help of Master Oliver and his unlimited knowledge we will likely quadruple our gross at each of four locations. The mastermind work, the personalized help have made such an amazing difference for us! I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to do the martial arts business right! It is truly the difference between feast and famine!” Master Art Mason Founder: The Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute 6th Dan Black Belt Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido [divider style=”6″] Jim ClappJim Clapp American Karate Studios – Newark, Delaware EFC Board of Directors “I want to congratulate you on writing a very fine piece of literature that I think will greatly help the martial arts community, as well as other small businesses that might use it… Man, does your book ever come in handy! Every page is useful and filled with the ‘do’s and don’ts…Thank you so much! I never knew you could produce a book that was in a format so easy to read, grasp and put into action…From the start to the finish it is so easy to follow that a novice techno person right on thru to the ‘web savvy Internet martial arts geek’ will find the pages filled with the steps that will save a lot of time, mistakes, and money…and you know I like that, Steve.” [divider style=”6″] Lloyd Irvin Jr.Master Lloyd Irvin Jr. Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy Added $300,000 to school’s revenue in the 12 months following attendance of first bootcamp! I could talk for days about how your program has changed my business. But let me talk about this last event that attended. Just when I thought I had an idea what was going on, I came to your Bootcamp and the information that I received was priceless. The price is a drop in the bucket compared to the value you get from your Bootcamp. If you didn’t cover any of the material and only set this up as a chance for us to network with the top minds in the industry it would be well worth it. What you have put together with this program is simply amazing and I would be willing to say that if anyone would just try it and implement the concepts, there is no way you wouldn’t succeed. Thanks and I look forward to the next one. [divider style=”6″] Brad WennebergSensei Brad Wenneberg Fullerton Martial Arts Academy Fullerton, California We have gone from 250 students to 330 and our income went from 23k to 30k every month and this last month Jan. 41k Just wanted to let you know that since the summer convention and our many discussions things have been going much better. Jason and I applied the concept of clear and precise instructions on a daily bases. As a result the positive aspects of marketing, retention, and good will has resulted in an increase in every area including attitude and excitement. We have gone from 250 students to 330 and our income went from 23k to 30k every month and this last month Jan. 41k. The moral to this story for other owners is keep it simple — apply the simple rules of management each and everyday and allow the laws of compensation to work for you. Again, thank you for being there when I needed you — and I am sure it will be an ongoing relationship. Sensei Brad Wenneberg – Fullerton Martial Arts Academy – Fullerton, California [divider style=”6″]David DeatonDavid Deaton NASKA World Tour Promoter David Deaton Karate Schools “I have finally completed reading your manuscript. Being computer-illiterate I found it quite interesting, to my surprise, and an easyread. The ideas from a marketing stand point are wonderful. I am in the process as we speak of totally revamping my web site, with the help of my friends and computer geeks, to come up to the level I should be. Thanks for the inspiration.”
Keith HafnerKeith Hafner Most Profitable Single School Operator in the United States EFC Hall of Fame “When it comes to combining Martial Art marketing genius with the latest technologies. Stephen Oliver is the proven authority. Whether you are “technology-handicapped”, like me, or have a strong technology back-ground….. you need this program! [divider style=”6″] Tom CallosTom Callos “Steve Oliver knows what he’s talking about. There are few people in our industry today that have the educational background and the practical experience that Steve does. He’s also way, way ahead of his time. [divider style=”6″] Dave KovarDave Kovar, CTO, Kovars Satori Academy “Stephen Oliver knows the martial arts profession as well as anyone. He brings with him an amazing intellect and a unique perspective honed from years in the trenches.” [divider style=”6″] Jhoon RheeJhoon Rhee, Father of American Tae Kwon Do My Student, Stephen Oliver is the new generation of leaders in the Martial Arts Industry. It’s important to me to have him on my Team to really continue developing my business. [divider style=”6″] John GradenJohn Graden “Long recognized as one of the sharpest marketers in the industry, it comes as no surprise that Stephen Oliver is the first to publish an excellent how to manual on marketing your school on the internet. It’s Stephen’s typical fashion, while the rest of the industry is just discovering the web, he has already written a book on it” [divider style=”6″] Joe CorleyJoe Corley, President, Joe Corley Karate “Stephen Oliver is one of those highly competent, hard working, visionary people who can literally make things happen by bringing all the resources he has to a project and by inspiring those around him to work synergistically in the effort. He consistently sees what is possible and works tirelessly for powerful results.” [divider style=”6″] Terry BryanKyoshi Terry Bryan, President “Stephen was my mentor in the late 80′s and helped me take a brand new martial art school and helped me enroll 180 students in 90 days and open 4 schools and gross over $1,000,000.00 in 18 months, and that was back when a million dollars was real money.:) [divider style=”6″] Tommy LeeTommy Lee East Coast Martial Arts, SBSS Success Systems I would personally recommend this Bootcamp to anyone and everyone interested. I’m so impressed with your program that you may give out my number if anyone needs a testimonial to make them come to your next event. [divider style=”6″] Jonathan MizelJonathan Mizel The Online Marketing Letter “What an outstanding book, not only for a Karate school, but for any local business that wants to market them self more effectively online. Tons of resources and details that will save hours and lots of dollars.” [divider style=”6″] Tim KovarTim Kovar I learned a tremendous amount at Stephen Oliver’s Ultimate Martial Arts Marketing Bootcamp. I highly encourage you to attend, have a great time, mastermind with some of the best minds in the industry — be challenged to take your school to the next level. By the way, you might just end up being a millionaire [divider style=”6″] Rick BellRick Bell Author and Speaker Stephen Oliver is without a doubt one of the most educated martial arts businessmen in America, but that’s not the reason I endorse his seminar. What makes Stephen Oliver’s marketing seminar the best I’ve seen is his ability to identify and simplify the critical success factors involved in running a martial arts school, and to teach average school owners who don’t have an MBA, or even a college degree, how to do exactly what he and other millionaire school owners have done to become rich. Stephen Oliver knows how to make a lot of money teaching martial arts, and school owners can make a fortune doing what he says. [divider style=”6″] Frank SilvermanFrank Silverman MAIA and MA Success Magazine Regarding your bootcamp. I thought you put on a fantastic event. Not only was in educational and motivating, it was truly inspiring having such a successful group of individuals in the same room. I appreciate the opportunity to have been a speaker for MAIA. As for the school owner in me (five schools as you know) the knowledge was priceless. [divider style=”6″] Sean KirbySean P. Kirby National Sales Director ASF International We were truly impressed by the caliber of speakers and the quality of “real-life-scenario” topics presented at your last boot camp. You bring a fresh perspective that simplifies the business of Martial Arts while providing the essential business tools school owners need to succeed in their market. Any school owner who wants to make an impact in their market and increase revenue will benefit from your innovative approach, relaxed atmosphere and powerful seminars – packed with the latest marketing ideas and business tips from the industry’s top school owners. We are looking forward to participating at your next camp. [divider style=”6″] Andrew woodAndrew Wood Author Licensor, and Martial Arts Millionaire Stephen Oliver was and still is ahead of his time in the martial arts business. We’ve been friend since the 1980’s…. He was an industry leader in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and now. I was remarking to a mutual friend just last week…. Stephen Oliver’s problem is really that he’s “too smart” for the industry. In the 1980’s he was 20 years ahead of 95% of the industry and, he’s still operating ahead of most people’s understanding of their own business and industry. He brings with him a unique combination of impeccable martial arts credentials possessed by a few and business credential possessed by almost no one. This unique combination of vision, martial arts history and ability and business acumen keeps him and the programs he provides on the cutting edge of the industry. Instructors would do well to heed his advice and take advantage of the experience and success his programs provide. [divider style=”6″]