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There is no shortcut on the road to success, but you certainly can follow the path of those who’ve come before you, and save yourself the time, energy and money by learning from their mistakes.

Success Stories

Hello sir, Last weekend was incredible! I learned enough in the first 10 minutes to pay for my trip. With all that we learned it should add at least 100K to our bottom line in all 3 locations over the next year. We are already planning our trip to the marketing bootcamp in Denver! Thank you so much to Grandmaster Jeff Smith, Grandmaster Stephen Oliver and Sr. Master Moody your precise and to the point deliver was right on! Your knowledge of every aspect of running a Martial Arts business is vast. Thanks!

Les and Jenni Edwards

If you haven’t joined Inner Circle, you are seriously missing out on increasing your income immediately by at least two fold. All of Grandmaster Oliver’s sales, marketing, and operational mentoring helped us train our staff to organize a weekend event that generated 107 appointments and over 35 immediate enrollments. We have increased our monthly billables by 6K and 15K in cash. Easily worth the price of admission. THANK YOU INNER CIRCLE TEAM!


Simon Chang, Columbus, GA, MMA/BJJ

Travis Tooke, Houston, Texas, BBj/MMA

Jeff Paterson, Portland, Oregon, MMA

Dae Han Jo, Mendham, NJ, Tae Kwon Do

Jen Lappin, Middelburg, FL, Ta Kwon Do

Karis Brody, Joilet IL, Joe Lewis Systems Cobra System

Greg Macy, Fort Collins, CO, TaeKwon Do

Steve White, Manchester, NH, Kenpo/BJJ

Tiffany Way, Terra Haute, IN, Minton's Black Belt Academy ATA - Tae Kwon Do/Krav Maga 

Chief Master Phil Minton, Terra Haute, IN, ATA - Tae Kwon Do/Krav Maga

Les and Jenni Edwards, St. Louis, MO, ATA - Tae Kwon Do

Pete Johnson, San Bruno, CA, Dojo USA

Joe, PA

Marty Callahan, Santa Rosa, CA, Karate

Paul, Rochester, NY

More Success Stories

Trey and James, Houston

Master Lapin, Middlesburg, FL, Middlesburg Martial Arts

Graham, Columbs, GA, Columbus Martial Arts Academy 

Carol, Washington D.C., Self Defense Karate Association

Greg, Fort Collins, CO, Ripple Effect Martial Arts

Pete Johnson, San Bruno, CA, Dojo USA 

Thomas, Memphis, TN, Wrights Martial Arts